•  T37C Flood Light
  •  T37C Flood Light
  •  T37C Flood Light
  •  T37C Flood Light
  •  T37C Flood Light
  •  T37C Flood Light
  • Flood Light -  T37C Flood Light
  • Flood Light -  T37C Flood Light
  • Flood Light -  T37C Flood Light
  • Flood Light -  T37C Flood Light
  • Flood Light -  T37C Flood Light
  • Flood Light -  T37C Flood Light

Mario T37C Flood Light

1.High lumen up to 110lm/W

2.Cost-effective design.


4.DOB design with over-temp protection

5.IP66 protection

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  Mario T37C Flood Light

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The T37C Mario Flood Light is a super costs-effective product with compact but not simple design. Due to highly accuracy SMT technology, stable quality control is well assured for this modern DOB design.High grade materials and enormous light distrbution make this lamp an ideal replacement for all sorts of traditional lighting. Smart micro- wave sensor and photocell control are available to meet different lighting control request.


-Microwave motion sensor and Photocell control are optional

-Frosted glass



Product Details

Surface Mounting Installation instructions for linkable use:

Area of application

Residential roads and streets

  • Parks and parking lots

  • Loading areas and sporting venues

Standard lumen (140lm/W)
Model Nominal wattages (W) Nominal voltage Rated luminous efficacy (lm/w) Nominal luminous flux (lumen) Beam Angle LED Quantity CRI
T37C-10W 10W AC220-240V
110±10 1100±100 120° 14PCS
1W 2835
T37C-30W 30W 105±10 3150±300 42 PCS
1W 2835
T37C-50W 50W 100±10 5000±500 70 PCS
1W 2835
T37C-100W 100W 110±10 11000±1000 140 PCS
1W 2835
Electrical data Photometrical data
Operating frequency 47-63HZ Available light colors warm white;natural white;daylight white
Type of current AC220-240V Available color temperatures 3000K;4000K;5000K;6000K
Power factor λ >0.95 Color rendering index Ra >80
Efficiency in % >86%
Standard deviation of color
Start time (0.2s / 0.5s / … ) 0.1S    
Warm-up time to 60 % (1.5s / 2s / … ) 0.5S    
Standards & Certification Temperatures & operating conditions
Type of protection IP66 Heatsink temperature 20~+69℃
Tested dielectric strength 3.75KVac Ambient temperature -30~+50℃
Safety features over-temperature protection Storage temperature -40~+80℃
Certificates CE,RoHS    
Energy efficiency class A+ & A++    
Lifespan Features/Capabilities and additional product data
Rated nominal Lifetime 2 Years Base/Socket Directly wired
Switching cycles 100,000 times    
Lumen maintenance at e.o.l. 70%    
Packing Information
Model Dimension(MM) CTN SIZE(CM) QTY/CTN Net Weight/pcs(kg) Gross Weight /CTN(kg)
T37C-10W 145*136*32  32.5*22.5*31 20PCS 0.4 10.5
T37C-30W 180*154.5*33  39.5*23*34.5 20PCS 0.6 12.5
T37C-100W 197*169*43 43*33.5*19.5 12PCS 0.9 11.5
T37C-100W 270*225.5*59 46.5*31.5*27 5PCS 2.3 12.5

Product Dimension

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