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126th Carton fair Autumn Edition

The 126th Carton fair Autumn Edition was on stage from 15th to 19th October. Shenzhen FYTLED Co. Ltd attended it with a 18㎡ refined decoration booth and It’s a great and successful show for us.

We carefully prepared, with a wide range offerings for industrial and outdoor lighting products, Fytled become a major highlight in the same industry. Good design and product innovation, has attracted many foreign businessmen gathered to visit and discuss how we can help with your potential needs.

FYTLED Traveled to Shenzhen Happy Valley

In the fair we get over 190 new potential customers’ name cards, most of them are interested in our new Solar Streetlight offerings, the new technology built-in sensor highbays, up to 600W Tomcarline drivers as well as the New Champion/Premium floodlight series etc.. After the fairs, some of the potential customers visited our factory for in-depth discussion to see how we can bridge the business opportunities .

FYTLED Traveled to Shenzhen Happy Valley

Fytled as the Top industrial lighting players, we always focus on provide good quality but cost-effective lighting solution for our customers. All of our lighting products are with 5 year warranty, some are even up to 10 years, and constantly we are collecting the real voice from market and end users. Keep thinking then moving!!

We are looking forward to seeing you guys soon in the end of H.K lighting fair and H.K international Outdoor and Tech Light Expo!!

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