• T54 Tri-proof Light
  • Tri-proof/Vapor Tight Fixture - T54 Tri-proof Light

E-Slim T54 Tri-proof Light

1.Highly energy efficient - up to 130lm/w

2.Both standalone and continuous mounting are available

3.Slim design, ideal for space-constrained industrial applications

4.IP67 or IP65 for both indoor and outdoor use

5.5 years warranty.

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Description Parameter
  E-Slim Non-Corrosive Vapor Tight Fixture T54

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The E-Slim T54 Tri-Proof light is the optimal solution for areas with harsh environmental conditions. Its main housing is made from a single mold and its end-caps are tightly fixed which allows for optimal water and dust resistance. The connection cable is secured by a water tight PG cable screw. Its highly efficient SMD2835 chips and the high transparent PC cover provide a very homogeneous light distribution. Its uniquely rugged and low-profile design is ideal for space-constrained industrial applications requiring a durable and energy-efficient solution.


-CRI90 available upon request


-European market: CE(EMC,LVD), RoHS

Product Details

Installation Instructions for standalone version

  • 1. Drill holes in the ceiling/wall.

  • 2. Put in dowels.

  • 3. Screw on the mounting clamps.

  • 4. Install the light on the clamps.

  • 5. Secure the clamps and connect the power cable.

Installation Instructions for continuous line installation

  • 1. Drill holes in the ceiling/wall.

  • 2. Put in dowels.

  • 3. Screw on the mounting clamp.

  • 4. Open the covers on both sides.

  • 5. Connect the power cables.

  • 6. Install the light on the clamps.

  • 7. Secure the clamps.

  • 8. Secure the clamps and connect the power cable.

Area of application

Corridors/hallways, Storage areas, Stairways, Parking lots, Gas stations, Car wash/auto body operations,Other applications subject to harsh, wet, or otherwise challenging conditions

  • Cold storage

  • Parking lot

  • Food processing

  • Car washing

Standard lumen (130lm/W)
Model Nominal wattages (W) Nominal voltage Rated luminous efficacy (lm/w) Nominal luminous flux (lumen) Beam Angle LED Quantity CRI
T54-20W12 20 AC100~277V
130±10 2600±200 120° 125PCS  SMD 2835  >80Ra
T54-30W12 30 130±10 3900±300 125PCS  SMD 2835
T54-30W15 30 130±10 3900±300 168PCS  SMD 2835
T54-40W15 40 130±10 4800±200 168PCS  SMD 2835
Electrical data Photometrical data
Operating frequency 47-63HZ Available light colors warm white;natural white;daylight white
Type of current AC100-277V Available color temperatures 3000K;4000K;5000K;6000K
Power factor λ >0.9 Color rendering index Ra >80
Efficiency in % >92% Standard deviation of color matching <3
Start time (0.2s / 0.5s / … ) 0.1S UGR (Unified Glare Rating) <27
Warm-up time to 60 %  (1.5s / 2s / … ) 0.5S Available beam angles 120°
Standards & Certification   Temperatures & operating conditions
Type of protection
standalone (IP67) 
continuous (IP65)
Heatsink temperature -20~+65℃
Tested dielectric strength  3.75KVac Ambient temperature -30~+40℃
Safety features  Open circuit protection;
short circuit protection ;
overvoltage protection 
Storage temperature -40~+80℃
Certificates CE RoHS    
Energy efficiency class A+ & A++    
Lifespan Features/Capabilities and additional product data
Rated nominal Lifetime 50.000 hours Base/Socket Directly wired
Switching cycles  100.000 times Dimmable /
Lumen maintenance at e.o.l.  70%    
LED Device Lifetime       
Packing Information
Model Dimension CTN SIZE(CM) QTY/CTN Net Weight/pcs(kg) Gross Weight /CTN(kg)
T54-20W12/30W12 1198*38*38 126*25*21 20PCS 0.8 22
T54-30W15/40W15 1498*38*38 156*25*21 20PCS 1.2 33

Product Dimension

Light Distribution Curve

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